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New antique shop opens in Rosemount

Catherine Snyder has always liked old things.

"It fascinates me to hold something in my hand and know it has a story. New things don't have a story yet," she explained as she looked around at the contents of her antique store in downtown Rosemount.

Last weekend Snyder opened A Cat and the Fiddle A Fair, an antique and gift shop open four days a month. The store, 14680 S. Robert Trail, opened next door to Haupt Antiek which sells antiques on the same weekends, but the stores are completely seperate.

Snyder's fascination with old things has had her collecting antiques for the last 40 years. And while it's a big step, Snyder said opening her own shop was a logical one.

"It's something I've always wanted to do," she said.

Snyder picked the old Quilter's Haven location for the shop. She said the various rooms in the house are perfect to set up in. Quilter's Haven moved south down Highway 3 this past summer to 14760 S. Robert Trail.

To help fill the shop Snyder has various dealers that fill the rooms with their unique wares. For the first weekend Snyder said she had 12 dealers. In the future there will be 14 to 16.

To get the house ready for last weekend's sale Snyder and the dealers had to do quite a bit of work, including painting and putting down new flooring.

"Two weeks ago there wasn't a piece of furniture in this house," she said looking at the fairly full abode. "The group (of dealers) was amazing getting everything put together."

In addition to collectors items Snyder said the shop also offers housewares and gift items. She said those items have to keep with the antique theme.

Snyder said antique shoppers aren't just looking for unique finds when they shop. They also are looking to be entertained.

To accommodate that Snyder said she and her dealers have tried to make the shop a warm, fun place to spend a few hours. This past weekend Steven C. performed on the piano for shoppers. The reaction to his performances was so favorable that he has agreed to come back and play often, Snyder said.

"It was fantastic. People loved the store and the atmosphere," she said.

As for the unique name Snyder said it was a combination of things that led to the whimsical moniker. When Snyder was young people called her Cat so she thought that would be good to include. She wanted something fairy tale like and remembered the cat and fiddle, which she thought was fun. As for the fair part, Snyder said in England antique markets are referred to as fairs so she went with that. Hence The Cat and The Fiddle A Fair.

The shop will open next Oct. 16-19. Occasionally, Snyder said, she will hold special openings, but those have not been planned yet.

For more information on the shop call 651-775-9889.