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Quilting business moves, but not far

Visiting Quilter's Haven used to be like visiting a maze. Bolts of fabric and quilting supplies directed you through the store's rows and aisles. The floors of the tall white house, located at 14680 South Robert Trail, held bolts of fabric, spools of thread and lots of memories for owners Jean and Gary Graham and their customers.

However, the house is old and rent for it is going up so the Grahams decided it was time to find a new location.

"We really feel like we have to," Jean Graham said a few days before the move.

Although they had offers from other cities to relocate, Graham said it was important for them to stay in Rosemount because it's close to their home and they've had great success in town.

"We like it here and people know us here," Graham said.

To find a new location, the Grahams didn't have to look very far. About a block south on Highway 3 sat an empty space just waiting for someone to use. The space used to be the home of NAPA Auto Parts, so Graham had her doubts about whether it could be changed into a quilting store but she decided to check it out anyhow.

"Something told me to call and see," said Graham.

After talking with the Fleugel family, who owns the building, about what could be done it seemed possible. Some walls had to be knocked down and others had to be erected but eventually it all came together.

"I am excited about using another old building," said Graham. "I never wanted to be in a brand new strip mall."

The new store is located at 14760 South Robert Trail next to Rosemount Saw and Tool. Graham said it's convenient because they can get scissors sharpened there without much hassle.

The new location has about the same square footage as the old house and has some advantages. The whole store is on one level, including a classroom for the various classes and workshops held at the store.

"In the house it was hard to get up and down the stairs with sewing machines and some people just don't like stairs, so everything on one level is nice," said Graham.

The full spectrum lighting in the space is a plus as well because it really shows the true colors of the fabrics.

"Everybody's commented on how good the lighting is," said Graham.

One disadvantage is less wall space to display quilts and fabrics but Graham said they'll figure it out.

Moving into the new location was quite the task. At one point they had bolts of fabric piled almost to the ceiling. However Graham said it went smoothly because they had a lot of help.

"It was crazy," she said. "(but) we had so many people helping."

After all the havoc of moving and organizing over the weekend Quilter's Haven was set to open. The shop's sign went up early Monday morning and then the store opened to a packed house.

Graham said there are still a few things left to do but for the most part they're all set.

"It's gonna be good," she said of the new location.

Quilter's Haven offers a full range of quilting and sewing products and services including fabrics, patterns, quilt kits and books. In addition the shop is a full service Bernina dealer.

Quilter's Haven will keep the same hours it did at the old house. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m.